6 Apr 2023

P3 Industrial specified at Seriti Kriel Colliery

Our cutting-edge P3 Industrial was specified by LNW Consulting Engineers and Project Managers to restore a concrete culvert that was damaged by fire at Seriti Kriel […]
23 Mar 2023

SCP 743 (P3) prolongs the lifecycle of concrete silos

Cutting-edge SCP 743 (P3) technology was specified to increase the concrete durability and water impermeability of silos in Wadeville, Gauteng. SCP 743 (P3) colloidal silica post-placement […]
18 Jan 2023

P3 Industrial and P3 Marine replaces SCP 743

Spraylock African thanks you for being continued, valued specifiers/promotors of our Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) Colloidal Silica post placement pozzolan products. Several of you have specified […]
5 Oct 2022

Spraylock Concrete Protection helps build durable and robust bridges

Spraylock Concrete Protection’s cutting-edge technology was deployed to protect the embedded reinforcing steel of the deck of a newly constructed bridge on the N5 between Harrismith […]
28 Sep 2022

Spraylock Concrete Protection enhances concrete bridge repairs

Cutting-edge Spraylock Concrete Protection technology was successfully deployed to enhance the repair of concrete bridges on the N14 highway. The technology was specified for this application […]
13 Sep 2022

SCP a very effective solution at new hospital

Our colloidal silica post-placement pozzolan (P3) technology proved to be the best solution for stopping water seepage into lift shafts at the new purpose designed Netcare […]
12 Sep 2022

Colloidal silica combats corrosion of reinforcing steel

Chlorides are a major cause of reinforcing steel corrosion, the primary reason for the failure of reinforced concrete structures. They penetrate the passive layer around the […]
28 Mar 2022

Colloidal silica post pozzolan technology solves many challenges regarding concrete

A nano-sized silica-dioxide particle, colloidal silica is significantly finer than other Pozzolans, including silica fume or even micro-silica. SCP’s small size, combined with the unique distribution […]
31 Jan 2022

State-of-the-art SCP technology specified for concrete repair work at RBM

Cutting-edge Spraylock Concrete Protection’s SCP technology was deployed in the successful repair of five concrete silos at Rio Tinto’s Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) operation, South Africa’s […]