SCP provides many benefits for Teraco Build

SprayLock Concrete Protection’s unique colloidal silica post-placement (P3) technology is reducing drying shrinkage, as well as permanently waterproofing and significantly increasing the durability of newly placed concrete floor slabs of Teraco’s JB-5 Data Centre in Isando, Gauteng.

Just more than 17 000m² of exposed concrete has already been treated with SCP and there are still many more square metres to go. SCP technology is being applied by Floors in Africa, an approved Spraylock Africa applicator.

By filling the capillaries in concrete as opposed to blocking them, SCP facilitates excellent curing and reduces moisture content in only 14 days. This facilitates quicker resilient flooring installation.

Colloidal silica P3 serves as a superior base-waterproofing medium because it penetrates concrete to depths of a minimum of 38mm and then reacts with free alkalis to form more calcium-silicate-hydrate. This action also produces a denser and, therefore, more durable concrete.

EDS Engineering Design Services’ professional team knew that SCP would successfully address their concrete challenges – the very reason it was specified for this high-profile project in the first place. It has already met these high expectations.

For concrete expansion joints, the contractor is using our innovative Lockwell Expansion Tape.

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