About Spraylock Africa
We are the African distributor for Spraylock Concrete Protection, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.
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Our Products
SprayLock Concrete Protection’s unique SCP technology offers cost-effective protection solutions that meet the demands of today's fast-track construction projects.
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Our unique technology improves the durability of concrete from the inside out

Spraylock Concrete Protection’s cutting-edge SCP technologies improve the durability of new and existing concrete; permanently waterproof it; and reduce drying shrinkage. Our unique colloidal silica post-placement pozzolan (P3) products also optimally cures concrete without the use of water, plastic or curing compounds.

Our products

SCP is the ultimate solution to permanently protect new or old concrete. Application at time of pour provides significant benefits compared to traditional methods.

SCP 327

SCP 327 permanently controls moisture movement; waterproofs; and offers curing benefits on new “green” less than 24-hour old concrete for flooring applications.

SCP P3 Industrial

Concrete treated with SCP P3 Industrial better resists deterioration from biological and environmental attack.

SCP P3 Marine

SCP P3 Marine has been specifically designed to permanently protect new and existing concrete that is exposed to fresh and salt water.

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