SCP 743 (P3) prolongs the lifecycle of concrete silos

Cutting-edge SCP 743 (P3) technology was specified to increase the concrete durability and water impermeability of silos in Wadeville, Gauteng.

SCP 743 (P3) colloidal silica post-placement pozzolan technology is an ideal solution for improving the durability of existing concrete, such as these more than 40-year-old structures.

Hindle Mason Projects, a leading structural rehabilitation and corrosive/erosive protection specialist, undertook the application. The company is an approved applicator of Spray-Lock Concrete Protection products.

SCP 743 (P3) penetrates concrete closing the capillary and void space. The colloidal silica in SCP technology then reacts with excess calcium hydroxide to create more calcium silicate hydrate in the concrete. This is the main hydration product responsible for giving concrete its strength. The action also makes the concrete watertight to prevent future water ingress.

As is the case with all coatings, whether epoxy, mortar or paint types, SCP 743 (P3) also increased the compressive and bond strength of the concrete mortar that Hindle Mason projects used to repair cracks and spalled concrete.

SCP 743 (P3) was applied over 2 250m2 and the project was successfully completed in March 2022.

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