SCP specified for data centre projects

Engineers are increasingly specifying our cutting-edge colloidal silica post-placement pozzolan (P3) technology for data centre construction projects. SCP technology is being used to improve the durability of the new concrete; permanently waterproof it; and reduce drying shrinkage. It is also being used to optimally cure the concrete without using water or plastic.

SprayLock Africa is currently supplying SCP technology to three data centre construction projects and providing technical support to the professional teams wherever necessary.

Concrete is treated with SCP in a single application at the time of placement. It penetrates the concrete deeply, shutting capillary and pore structures with calcium silicate hydrate (CSH). The treated concrete better resists deterioration from biological and environmental attack. It is also more resistant to the effects of salts, waste, efflorescence and carbonation.

Our colloidal silica post-placement pozzolan (P3) technology can be used as the protection of choice, as part of an overall waterproofing system for exterior concrete; or to treat and condition concrete that will receive breathable or industrial paints.

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